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its not you its me.   
12:27am 03/10/2006
  lela: uh...hey livejournal, whats up?
lela: yeah man, uh...long time no see. sorry about that.
lela: gee. this is kinda awkward.
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01:35pm 16/07/2006
mood: hungry
For the weekend of the 4th of July I went with the Indian family to St. Michaels, which for the most part was incredibly chill. I went kayaking with my dad and Kavita and Reyhan though, and kept my birks on during the short expedition (Reyhan was all "I'm captain hook....no wait i'm scared lets go on land" and I sure as fuck wasn't going very far from the coast). Because they stank like Chesapeake Bay after that, I tied them up in a plastic bag that I was idiotic not to open as soon as I got home. I opened it about 4 days later to find my babies covered completely in mold.
soo thats my moldy shoe story.

In other news, I'm encouraging all male friends to come by the salon and get a haircut (well.chicks can come too, obviously). This is in order to piss off one of the skeezy hairdressers who needs to stop both bitching at me unnecessarily and then undressing me with his eyes. I draw a huge distinction between a guy simply checking a girl out and a guy gawking to the point that she feels naked/violated. Seriously not okay- I'm going to say something soon if he steps things up. The other stylists are pretty much aware of how awkward the situation is though, so I'm not too worried.

In other other news, the Mission of Burma show last night was just as great as last time. Two hour set plus 2 encores. My ears stopped ringing about an hour ago.

Also, this summer needs to either end right fucking now or go on forever. one or the damn other.I really hope I get to shampoo John McLaughlin again before I leave though, cause he semi-offered me a job last time after talking. And that'd be cool.
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05:33pm 31/05/2006
  good news- cause I haven't updated in a while:

1) IBs are done
2) Highschool has been graduated from
3) I'm working at a salon I don't hate
4) If all goes well, I'll be keeping up my spanish for the rest of the summer
5) Paul and I have the volvo now
what this means: - need to get it fixed up
- need to learn how to drive
- paul can visit from shiloh
- crosscountry trip to seattle is in the making.
6) The pool on the roof is open again
7) Peal Jam last night = fantastic
8) stephanie is here.
9) Beach week is coming.
10) I'm getting a haircut that typically costs 100 bucks for free
11) I'm not broke.
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06:46am 22/03/2006
  fortune cookie says:

:) you are heading for a land of sunshine. :)

...leaving for seattle monday.
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12:25pm 12/03/2006
mood: sneezy
Got into Vermont!! Its good to know I have options.

meanwhile, UW is being a cocktease:
"The status of your application was last updated on March 8, 2006.

Your application has been reviewed. All applicants are informed of admission decisions by mail when results of the review process become available."

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01:01pm 06/03/2006
mood: thats pretty cool.
So I got offered a scholarship to Guilford which comes to a grand total of $40,000.

bear in mind, I only ever completed half of my application to go there.

also, I really like these:
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my sundays have been spoiled ones   
10:56am 05/03/2006
  come on, immune system....you can do it.........  
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08:07pm 28/02/2006
  Met Carlo for some coffee today rather than go to pottery. Haven't decided what I think of all that.

AAAAND I've found the solution to the block-print-pastel problem. so just believe me when I say its exciting, and I'm stupid because it was under my nose the entire time. Obviously I need to be more of a kid.
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11:11am 12/02/2006
  Waiting for Rashida to find her cellphone last night so that we could leave the salon, i realized that there should be some special number that a cell-phone's owner can dial that would turn the phone on and make it ring- sort of like a car-keychain for your phone.
eh? EEEHHHhhh???

Everyone should watch Ong-Bak the Thai Warrior.
Its worth it just for the special feature of french dudes rapping at a guy doing muay thai.

Chad Hedrick




is a beast.
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08:44pm 05/02/2006
  lela: an example of something that is bilaterally symmetrical would be, like.. a heart.
stephanie: no its not.
lela: yes it is.
stephanie: no its not.
lela: you fucking bio nerd, a VALENTINES DAY heart. not a human heart.
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08:04pm 30/01/2006
  Image hosting by Photobucket

yeah so that bout sums it up
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public announcement   
07:11pm 26/01/2006
mood: fucking PUMPED
the T Funck wall has begun
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coatcheck, checkmate, stalemate   
04:25pm 23/01/2006
mood: get hacking, girl.

vines: plentiful

machete: rusted


really. as if school weren't enough.

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11:44pm 20/01/2006
  so about that senior play....

very good. go see.
facebook/selling out?   
04:13pm 19/01/2006
  anyways, i did it.  
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06:33pm 14/01/2006

stephanie and i have stumbled across the singlemost entertaining thing in the universe.
necrophiles step forward, now.
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10:30pm 13/01/2006
mood: live wire
Friday the 13ths are usually pretty o.k. for me.

i don't know what the hell happened this go-round.
playing the part vs. looking the part vs. playfully looking   
08:16pm 04/01/2006
mood: crosseyed
got my nose pierced today.
took it like a girly girl, but that was expected.

I've been thinking about how much this has to do with my Indian heritage,
whether or not its a loaded piercing.

I've decided its not. Or, I've decided to tell myself its not. either way. yeah.
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Q & A entry number three   
07:20pm 28/12/2005
  after puking on a halfhourly basis all of last night, what have i learned?

no one could possibly take better care of me.
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10:50pm 27/12/2005
  you know who really bugs me?

francesca lia block.
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